I have been cooking/experimenting in the kitchen from a young age. Baking and cooking have always been in my life, from cupcakes and homemade bread to dinner for friends and family. 


I remember making chocolate éclairs with my granny when I was little and surprising my mom with them. She was so delighted and I think it was the happiness on her face which made me realize that baking/cooking was a fun way to bring joy to others.


A few years ago I started a home business making cupcakes and had a fab time supplying local markets and parties with these yummy creations. In 2014 I was looking for something new to try and came across homemade marshmallows – I have always loved marshmallows from toasting on campfires as a child to making rocky road.  I was intrigued as I always thought it was one of those sweets that could only be made in a factory but I thought why not try this. So out came the KitchinAid and the first batch was made and given to family and friends. They were so delighted with the results everyone suggested that I should offer them to the public...!


These small batches, hand cut marshmallows are made with unique flavours, fulfilling every palate from childhood favourites (lemon sherbet, to sophisticated, grown-up Gin & Tonic). Oh, and of course, lots and lots of love.


The aim of Katy Cloud Marshmallows is to make a quality, delicious product, using only natural ingredients, that makes people happy and changes the way they view the humble marshmallow.


There is no comparison between mass produced marshmallows to handmade artisan marshmallows – handmade marshmallows are the lightest of light, with unmatched volume and subtlety of flavour.

© 2015 by Katy Cloud Marshmallows.

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