What are Katy Cloud Marshmallows made out of?

Only the best stuff ever:  British sugar, water, beef gelatine, house made sugar syrup, confectioner’s sugar, cornflour and love. Depending on flavours we also use local fruit, nuts, real coffee, real vanilla bean, and of course – real top notch tipple. We do not use extracts or fake colours or chemically-based flavours!


How quickly will my order be posted?

Orders received from Friday to Wednesday are currently posted on a Thursday via The Royal Mail. If you require a speedier delivery, do contact us and we can see what we can do for you. Domestic postage costs £3.75 for 3 bags and £6.00 for 4 or more.


How many marshmallows come in a bag?

We put in 8, 3 x 3 cm beautiful clouds of marshmallows in every bag.


What's the shelf life of Katy Cloud marshmallows?

Our shelf life ranges from 4 weeks for the fresh fruit flavours, to 6 months for the following flavours (Gin & Tonic, Turkish Rose, Raspberry ripple, Blueberry Swirl, Salted Caramel).  Of course, as with any artisan marshmallows, we suggest you eat them sooner than later, which won't be an issue!  Once opened, transfer them to an air-tight container (like a Kilner jar, tupperware container) and keep in a cool, dry place.


Free Marshmallows!

These things of beauty are also free from gluten, nut, diary and eggs (unless othewise stated).


Where can I buy Katy Cloud marshmallows?

Right here! Add some to your basket and we'll float them over to you!


Retail Partners

If you are out and about, and you fancy a bag of marshmallows, you can also pick up our Katy Cloud Marshmallows at:

Born in the Borders 

Post & Pantry

One Basket

Clan Artisan 

Beirhope Alpacas 

Restoration Yard


If you are staying at one of the many gorgeous holiday properties in the Scottish Borders hosted by: 


Lowland Lettings


Dod Mill



If you're interested in selling our mallows, let us know. We're always looking for great retail partners, if you are interested contact: katycloudmarshmallows@gmail.com.

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