Great Taste Awards

Turkish Rose - 1 Star

Feedback from Judges

Table 3: A good sized piece, gooey and sticky to cut. Attractive pale pink colour with a pretty dusting of rose petals. A good marshmallow which is not too sweet and has a dense pleasant texture. The rose flavour is apparent and true and leaves a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

Table 6: Attractive chunks, certainly scented - rather powerfully perfumed we felt, rather than subtly fragranced. We found the texture a little bouncy, and some of us would really have liked some balancing brightness from a ripple of raspberry, or freeze dried red fruits - perhaps even pistachios for texture, but it is what it is. We felt it would be star worthy if the texture were just a little more pillowy.

Table R3: Cubes of pale pink marshmallow dusted with rose petals. Good light aroma of rosewater. Not too sweet or sticky but with a lovely balance of rosewater.

Great Taste Awards:

Gin & Tonic Marshmallows - 2 Stars


A very evenly shaped mallow with a good melt. The gin does come through as does the lime - this is full of G & T botanicals. The lime zest is very clever - it gives texture and zing. Love it!

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